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Ancient Rock



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Author’s Note…

I was at a local coffee shop, very trendy, very artsy boutique observing their fireplace when I wrote this.


A solid brick base, greys and whites, intertwined with dashes of red, not fire engine red, but red like the windblown sands of a lost desert on a Navajo reservation- earthy- ancient- true. The sharp corners imposing and solid, as they turn up to what becomes a rather disappointing commercial fireplace unit. The gaudy black metal, the manufacturers brand stamped on the side, and in the most disheartening piece (to this nature loving simplistic soul) is the obviously fake (ceramic?) firewood bundle…sad. Sad that such a majestic structure of rock and naturalistic elegance can be constructed and raped of its pure elegance by man’s creation. but, by in large, that is what we do. We try to improve upon nature, try to control it, own it and make it suit our needs. It is our perversion. More metal, more houses, bigger cars, put a mall there, build a restaurant over there, drop an office complex here…and all the while we forgo the beauty that is present and has been present since the beginning (no beginning)- we forgo it and instead have trained our eyes to see it as a roadblock, an obstacle, or worse, we do not see it at all. I am reminded of this unfortunate duality by this fireplace. I am reminded that nature is the ultimate truth and everything else is a bastardization we justify in the spirit of progress and improvement.

Stay strong ancient rock.

Stay strong, you will outlast us all…


Looking Back…

  • Perfect beauty is in nature
  • Man in the name of advancement has corrupted that