The complete trust and faith in his father (me) to cure his pain with my kiss…the longing in his eyes as he reaches out his little arm and hand, motioning for me to sooth his injured hand…he hands me the back of his hand…the grief I feel as I kiss his hand over and over, each time he reaches out, and tell him daddy kisses his hand and makes it feel better…but the pain remains, the pain I inflicted earlier that day with the purest of intentions, cutting his thumb nail too short…his pain is accompanied by my emotional hurt…he continues to seek comfort in me, his dad…I console him, all the while both hating myself and being in awe of him, my little man, so pure, so innocent, so loving, and understanding of the simple power of love…a true being, living in the moment, and trusting in the power of people, of life…he is my inspiration, my muse, my purpose, my Buddha-being…Ryland…the awakened one.


  1. Agreed. With all the best intentions of being there to protect him/them/all we always find a fault in our own actions and feel that we have failed and are horrible fathers/people. But we are not and we are human. Just striving to be a better father and person then we were the day or week before is the best step towards success for our sons/daughters/wife’s and family that we can bring to the table.

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