About Me

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry”- Jack Kerouac


2015 has been a pivotal year for me in many ways. This includes being laid-off from the corporate career I had held for the past ten years. Where that has left me is with an opportunity to rediscover a new path, to search out and pave the way for a new focus in my life. Writing, art, and creativity have always been central to my personal-self, but I have not been able to as of yet integrate the true artistic-self into my professional career. This has left a hole, a longing for something different, for a chance to impart more of my true-self into the world and make it the integral piece of my career. With this forced career change, I set out to do that, become the creative professional that I have always been in my personal life.

This path is mine and mine alone, but there are universal truths and commonality in each of our own paths- we are all connected and impart knowledge to each other through shared experience.

Parent, husband, writer, traveler, I am all of these- join me on my adventure- I hope it helps you find your truth.


I was born, raised and have lived all of my life (30 some odd years) in the Chicagoland area. I met my wife of eight years in college, and after graduating we moved back to the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We recently have been blessed to become first-time parents to our son.


My writing style is unique to myself, but I do take artistic inspiration from several sources, key artists for me who blazed their own paths and were artist in every sense of the word. My primary literary inspiration comes from Jack Kerouac, the observation machine, a lonesome traveler with an eye and a heart for the simple truths in life. Kerouac’s style of spontaneous prose is a primary tool in my eclectic writing. Additionally, Hunter S. Thompson, the Grateful Dead, Salvador Dali, Miles Davis, and all artists who live free and true have inspired me to create art.

You will learn about me and my writing best by simply following me and reading my works. For now, just know that I lean heavily towards Spontaneous Prose (thanks Jack) and a creative non-fiction approach to everyday life, searching for the truth, experience, and the deeper meaning hidden just behind the veil we see each day.